What makes us different?

I have no energy to be witty or eloquent, but I do miss writing. So here are a few things in the last few weeks that remind this little Dorthy that she's not in Kansas anymore.

- I have seen my last name spelled wrong almost every time. Braun, Brawn, Broun, Browm, Bromw are the most common so far.
- During a bus ride the fare collector jumps out to punch his time card on a light pole on the side of the road in the middle of no where.
- Air conditioning on buses is actually a fan on the roof over the driver.
- I met a friendly parrot at a vegetarian restaurant in Lima. He was saying "hola" to everyone, then says "hello" when I walk up. Even the parrot thinks I only speak English.
- Plead as you may, your friends will shove your birthday cake in your face (we had a party in my English class today, poor frosting-covered girl).