Fun pets

So my friend's cat just had 3 adorable little rat-like kittens. They are not yet fluffy and their eyes aren't even open yet. For the most part they just waddle around trying to walk. They're awfully cute and I'm still thinking about taking one, mostly because I want a cat I can name Leonardo Di CATrio. But of course I'll keep thinking while they grow up a little more and learn how to take care of themselves.
Until then I have adopted a different pet...
This is just an actor scorpion, mine is locked up,
so no pictures yet
Her name is Scarlett and she's a pretty scorpion I found in my suitcase this weekend. She now lives in a plastic bag next to my computer here in my office. And last night she even ate the moth I fed her. What fun it is to have a pet. And who knows, maybe someday I'll have a pet that doesn't want to kill me.