When talking is a job

Sometimes I simply love what I do. Granted, not always, because there is not as fun strategic planning, organizing, stepping way out of my comfort zone, battling for respect and overcoming painful moments of complete lack of motivation. But there are times when I'm luck enough to DO what I actually do as a public relations professional, relate to people!

Wiliane Marroni, South American Division

Heather-Dawn Small, General Conference
 This weekend there was an event for all the leaders of Women's Ministry throughout northern Peru held here on our campus, and I was asked to help out with the special guests as a courtesy of the university. So I got to spend Friday afternoon-Sunday night with two of the most amazing women! Yes, technically working weekends is not something to be so excited about, but when "work" is laughing, eating, playing games, problem solving and listening to great programs what's not to enjoy! And I even tried my hand at translating to Spanish Sunday evening for the female employees of the University. They only laughed at me a few times, but I can't blame them. I couldn't remember the word for elderly, so I kept just saying "old people."