An Ex-pat's Thanksgiving

Let me clarify for anyone who doesn't think of this but... Thanksgiving is NOT a holiday that exists in Brazil.  So... I wasn't sure what I expected from today, but I certainly did get overwhelmed by a feeling of homesickness.  And yes, I wouldn't have had a particularly traditional Thanksgiving even back home with just my parents, but it's sad starting the day without flipping through the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or dad having any of the games on in the background.  It also sucked having to go to work, and oh what I would have given to watch an old cheesy Christmas movie! 

But it was nothing if not unique.  I'll admit, at work I was pretty down about the whole thing.  There's nothing like knowing that people are having fun, and not being able to get involved.  But thankfully I think Susan noticed it was either let me fool around a bit more than normal (aka crafts) or watch me sit there and cry.  So I created my own Thanksgiving adventure with Tom Turkey.

"Thanksgiving" lunch at the Division.  At least there were green beans!  Salty though :(

I was less than pleased

But today Susan let me sit on the floor with colored paper and scissors for an hour creating the perfect Tom Turkey to join me in my adventures.  Tom Turkey even went to Iraq in honor of our soldiers.

Tom Turkey liked hanging out with anything else American.  So thank you again Fernandes family.
When I got home there was a sweet note from my neighbor, Kelsie, inviting me to their house as a Thanksgiving substitute. 

So we made pancakes.  Tom Turkey was happy to see that no turkeys were hurt in the making of this pseudo meal.

To spice things up we even had Juanito over to celebrate with us.  And yes, I had everyone say what they are thankful for.  It can still be a thankful pancake pile after all!
Overall, Tom Turkey was happy with the day.  Especially because there's so little threat of being eaten here.