Mommy Moment

There are brief moments that would just be better with my mommy.  For example:
--When I embarrass myself in a Mexican restaurant because I was accidentally staring at the cute waiter the whole time.  I know my mom would have embarrassed me more and taken a picture with him.

--When I pull out my camera and say "smile for my mom, I need to prove to her that I have friends!"  And yes mom, they are really my friends, not just random guys I'm taking pictures of.

--When I peel chocolate kisses (which my mommy sent me) to make peanut butter blossoms.  It's not as much fun snitching from myself. 

 --When I eat mini-hotdogs with the hotdogs and miracle whip she sent me.  I know she would laugh when she saw how they sell hotdog buns here... they're half the size.  So all hotdogs have to be cut in half.

--When I buy funny new shoes.  Oh, and here they are again.

I know she'd appreciate them being on sale (even though they were still over $85) and be even more proud that I didn't pay a cent.  Say hello to the result of my gift certificate for "Secretary's Day."  Too bad I'm not even a secretary