Random Adventures

I'm in a rush; I fear this will be short.  Enjoy the condensed version of an otherwise drawn out tale.

For Mother's Day, the Division went on a boat ride around the lake.  It was nice.

  I looked pretty fly gettin' on the boat.

We played spelling games.  Needless to say... not my forte in Portuguese.

Good conversation with Eli

And a beautiful bridge.

Last Sunday, the 16th, a bunch of us went back to the lake and went kayaking...

For some it was their first time... and it showed.

As they went out two by two.. the rest of us sat back and chilled.

And of course there's always moments for conversation and laugher with Eli.

Spoiler alert: I'm shooting a promotional video (or something..) here at the Division tomorrow.  I'll be posting pictures from it asap.  Hope all is going swimmingly wherever you are in this beautiful world!