Impacto Esperança

 So yesterday was Impacto Esperança here in South America.  Basically it was the one day where (supposedly) ever Adventist in the Division went to the streets to distribute magazines and books about the importance of Sabbath rest.  Here at the Division we piled into busses and headed off to Sao Joao de Aliança to reach, as a team, every house in the small town. 

Juanito and I excited on the bus!

Rita and I made a fabulous team... and by Rita and I, I mean Rita, because I stood there smiling at the nice people and only shaking hands.  She rocked the whole "interaction" thing.  Somehow we were the last ones to arrive back at the program.  Yes, people were worried.  Sent a car after us.  Hehehe

We had a church service before going out... this is what it looked like.

Here's a quick glimpse of the city before we arrived to our 4 blocks.  Interesting new experience.

And yes, we were exhausted on the way back.

Good day though!! It's amazing to read through the stories sent in from all over South America.  If you can understand or know someone who can translate to you from Spanish or Portuguese... check out